Harbor Worker Injury: Dealing with Occupational Hazard

The American government has been aware of the heightened occupational dangers of the shipyard industry for a long time. The NIOSH (National Institute on Occupational Safety and Health) has identified workers involved in shipping loading and unloading as a group that is generally vulnerable to workplace injury. Specific laws, including the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act, apply directly to those who are involved in the hazards of harbor work. Where a separate Jones Act law protects seafaring workers, the Longshore and Harbor Workers law affords protection to those who have to deal with all of the challenges involved in land-based dock work. Personal injury firms like Cherry Injury Law can help decipher the facts of a harbor accident case.

Hazards for Harbor Workers: Personal Injury Lawyers Get Involved

Government groups have identified some common occupational hazards for harbor workers. These include a range of situations involving machinery and equipment including crane and forklift accidents. Problems with scaffolding are also a common cause of industrial accidents for harbor workers. Slip and fall accidents are often among the types of injuries associated with specific compensation for harbor or dock workers. In addition, there’s the risk of fire or explosion in a shipyard as well as drowning risks associated with working so close to waterways and bodies of water.

Professional personal injury law firms evaluate harbor and dock accidents in order to see if the injury victim can receive compensation for safety and security issues that may have led to the accident. Many of these kinds of situations involve complex business insurance policies where insurance companies may seek to limit their own financial obligation with their own legal counsel. Some workers’ compensation situations may be complicated when a company fails to assume responsibility for worker injuries related to lack of safety or security procedures.

Help with Harbor Worker Claims: Pennsylvania Personal Injury Lawyers

The Pennsylvania personal injury law firm of Cherry Injury Law is familiar with the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act and similar legislation as well as local statutes and legal rules involving compensation for specific classes of workers. For families or individuals impacted by any kind of dock or harbor accident, this firm can provide the fact-finding and research needed to secure compensation for medical costs and much more. Call and get attentive and loyal legal representation for your work injury claim.

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