Jones Act Frequently Asked Questions

Where did the Jones Act come from?

The Jones Act is a federal law passed in 1920 to protect the rights of sailors. Though interpreted differently in subsequent times, the essential elements of the Jones Act remain in place, and American courts honor the provisions of the Jones Act even in the 21st century.

Whom does the Jones Act cover?

The Jones Act covers most workers and crew members on most kinds of seagoing vessels. Many courts interpret the Jones Act broadly, and lots of injuries aboard a ship fall into the category of a case that is partially pursued in accordance with the Jones Act. Most oil rig workers and fishermen are covered as well as anyone else whose job involves shipping off to sea.

What is the statute of limitations for the Jones Act?

According to experts, most Jones Act cases must be brought within a period of three years.

Does the Jones Act cover shipyard workers?

Classically, another law called the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act has covered those who work with ships on shore. However, due to recent changes, the Jones Act may cover some of these cases as well.

How should an injured worker pursue a Jones Act case?

One of the first issues is documenting the injury. See a professional doctor and get the facts about the injury on record as soon as possible. A dedicated personal injury law firm will help unravel the details and figure out whether the Jones Act or a similar law is best for application to the pursuit of a case.

My employer says the Jones Act doesn’t apply. What should I do?

Don’t take the word of anyone else regarding how your injury case can be handled. Reserve your questions for your own competent legal counsel. Ask your attorney about how he or she has handled past cases involving your specific type of injury and employment. Almost all kinds of worker’s compensation injuries on boats are covered by the Jones Act. Don’t let others keep you from pursuing the compensation that you deserve. Call Cherry Injury Law today to find out how they can help.

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