Passenger Disappearance: Crime at Sea

Those who look into some of the less favorable news stories about cruise lines find that there is a disturbing trend of cruise passengers simply disappearing. These are often young female passengers who may or may not have family members along on the voyage. Too often, adequate law enforcement supervision is not in place. Particularly on cruises that advertise “wild” activities and a hedonistic atmosphere, some terrible things can happen that can have a deep impact on passengers and their loved ones. For many families, it’s simply not safe to assume that the management of a cruise has the passengers’ best interests in mind or that those responsible for staff and passengers will take swift action when the need arises. When this serious incident threatens, Cherry Injury Law can help families get justice.

Personal Injury Law Firms Fight for Cruise Crime Victims

Many of the personal injury law firms that also handle criminal acts can represent a family who is trying to find a family member who disappeared on a cruise ship. Pursuing a case at sea can be difficult. Statutes involving the jurisdiction of American or international waters can make a case tougher. There may also be statutes of limitations involved. Dedicated personal injury attorneys can sift through the facts of a case to provide the best chance of penetrating a mysterious cruise ship incident and getting justice for those who were victimized.

Help With Cruise Ship Disappearance

At Cherry Injury Law, we have experience dealing with a range of issues like cruise ship passenger disappearance. Our staff members have learned about all of what can happen on a ship where passengers can be vulnerable to drugging and abduction. This firm will work hard to advance the interests of a client in a case where cruise managers are simply not trying to solve a case. Bringing the right kinds of pressure against a cruise line can help ensure that those responsible will work toward resolution or face serious consequences. Call us and let us help in a tragic case of crime onboard a cruise.

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