Philadelphia Ice Slip and Fall Attorneys

When people suffer a slip-and-fall accident because of ice or snow accumulation, they often believe that there is nobody to blame. However, if the accident occurred in or around the entrance to a business, the property owner may be held accountable in some cases. Property owners are responsible for clearing the sidewalk in front of a business’s doors within a certain period of time after a snowfall. They are also responsible for preventing unnatural accumulations of ice in areas where people may be walking.

Determining Liability in Ice and Snow Falling Accidents

At Cherry Injury Law, our attorneys understand that it often takes thorough investigating to determine liability after a slip-and-fall accident. Questions that our experience has taught us to address include:

  • Who was responsible for clearing the snow? In some cases, the commercial landlord may have been responsible. In others, the owner of the business may have accepted that duty. This is information that should be clearly outlined in the lease. Perhaps a professional snow removal service had been paid, but had not done the job correctly or on time.
  • When did the snow stop falling? This can make a difference. Everything from surveillance camera footage to weather reports can be critical to answering this question.
  • Did the victim share any of the responsibility? If you were running or carrying heavy packages and not watching where you were going, it can impact how the case is handled.

Digging into the facts of a case can help determine whether the ice and snow slip-and-fall accident should be categorized as a premises liability case, in which the property owner is the target of the lawsuit, or if there is some other party to take action against.

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