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The skilled Philadelphia food recall attorneys at Cherry Injury Law represent clients who have been seriously injured in a food recall case throughout the state of Pennsylvania. Our Philly attorneys have years of experience representing the victims of Pennsylvania food recall incidents including those who have lost loved ones from a food recall. If you or a loved one has suffered from a food recall incident in Pennsylvania, please call Cherry Injury Law for a free case evaluation.

Although food is what sustains our life, if not prepared or stored properly, it can easily become deadly. Even though the Food and Drug Administration regulates all food products, all too often, an outbreak of a deadly disease happens, and that food product is immediately recalled. However, for some, the recall comes too late and they already suffer from the consequences of food poisoning such as the following:

  • Salmonella – This is a diverse group of bacteria, many of which can cause serious illness. Each year, millions will develop salmonellosis. Although most victims will recover, nearly 600 individuals die annually because of salmonellosis-related complications.
  • Botulism – This bacteria enters the bloodstream and produces a nerve toxin that will cause gradual paralysis of the body’s muscles. The most common way an individual becomes infected is through bad food – usually contaminated canned food. Up to eight percent of botulism cases are fatal.
  • E. coli – Although there are many variations of these bacteria, some can cause severe diarrhea, stomach cramps, fever and vomiting. In the United States, 70,000 people become sick from harmful E. coli every year – usually from contaminated food.

The Philadelphia, Pennsylvania food recall attorneys at Cherry Injury Law have the experience and knowledge needed to represent clients involved in the most complex food recall cases. In preparing a food recall case, the key is to prove that the manufacturer or distributor of the food product somehow acted negligently. Your Philadelphia food recall attorney will investigate to see whether they failed to provide you, the consumer, with a reasonably safe food product. If the manufacturer or distributor failed to do so, they may be held liable and you may be compensated for your physical and emotional injuries, pain and suffering, loss of future and current income due to your inability to perform your job.

If you or a loved one is the victim of a food recall poisoning, please contact Cherry Injury Law today for a free consultation with one of our experienced Philadelphia food recall lawyers.

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