Chemical Exposure Workers’ Comp (Occupational Exposure)

While some jobs are certainly more dangerous than others, the environments in which we work in aren’t supposed to be. That is, business owners and managers have an obligation to provide their employees with safe working conditions, and must take all necessary precautions against instances of personal injury from occurring. In the event that an employee is injured while on the job, particularly in a job where chemical exposure may become an issue, then that employee may be entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits from their employer.

Exposure to deadly chemicals can seriously impact an individual’s well-being, and employers who require their employees to work with such substances must ensure that all safeguards have been put in place in order to create a safe working environment. While chemical spills are certainly detrimental, occupational exposure to substances can slowly but surely render an otherwise healthy individual permanently affected by acute or chronic injury.

Chemical exposure in the workplace can take on a variety of forms. The use of hazardous materials can create dust and fumes that are breathed into the body, permanently damaging the lungs and slowly debilitating an individual’s health. Chemicals can cause skin damage if handled improperly, especially if an employee is not properly trained on how to handle them. Regardless of how one is exposed to toxic materials, those materials can cause brain danger, can induce cancer, and may even lead to death. Employers have a legal obligation to protect their employees, and this protection is supposed to come in the form of proper training, building facilities that are up to code, and necessary care and planning always taken every time dangerous materials are handled in the work place.Negligent employers can be held liable for failing to protect their employees against chemical exposure and other preventable dangers. If you’ve been injured while on-the-job by dangerous materials, the experienced Philly chemical exposure workers’ compensation attorneys at Cherry Injury Law will fight to restore your rights as an employee, and will seek compensatory damages on your behalf to assist with the costs associated with your accident, such as medical bills, lost wages, and physical therapy.

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