OSHA Violations in the Workplace

Preventing Workers’ Compensation Injuries

The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration is an agency with the power to regulate workplaces for dangerous conditions. OSHA routinely inspects all kinds of work environments for hazards relating to building codes, equipment maintenance, ventilation and much more. OSHA also maintains resources at its website for workers to use if they see dangers in their places of work. The regulations put in place by OSHA can be a significant part of a work injury claim if the agency did not catch an unaddressed safety issue prior to an injury. Pennsylvania work injury lawyers such as those at Cherry Injury Law know about OSHA statutes and their relevance to cases in which workers suffer injury on the job.

OSHA Violations: Preventing Work Injury Cases

According to OSHA rules, a worker can ask the agency to inspect a place of work by filing a complaint with a regional office. Laws provide for protection from retaliation as part of an OSHA “whistleblowing” activity. A worker can also ask for information related to a specific health or safety hazard.

Philadelphia work injury lawyers pay a lot of attention to the various standards put in place for each kind of industry whether it’s construction, maritime work, or other special work categories. Pennsylvania workers’ compensation lawyers also know about the specific state rules that may affect a work injury claim including an OSHA violation issue.

OSHA Violations and Work Injury Cases

When a worker has already been injured and retained counsel, OSHA may be involved in a case. The lawyers hired to represent the injury victim will work with OSHA regulation to be proactive about finding out how an employer may have been in violation of applicable OSHA laws.

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