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A wide variety of workplace conditions can lead to various injuries and illnesses for workers in all kinds of industries across America. That’s not to say that most workplaces are inherently dangerous, but the “safety value” of a workplace comes from management making the best choices and maintaining an environment that will benefit all of their employees. Too often, some aspects of this are lacking, resulting in work injuries that can have a grievous impact on a loyal employee’s continuing lifestyle.

The Pennsylvania workplace injury lawyers at Cherry Injury Law have helped many workers pursue claims for injuries that left them with limited means to provide for families and make their own way along a future career path.

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Decades of Experience Helping Employees Facing Serious Work Injuries

At Cherry Injury Law, our lawyers have spent decades standing up for the rights of Pennsylvania employees who have suffered workplace injuries of all types, including:

We also represent families that have lost loved ones in fatal workplace accidents.

What Are Work Injuries?

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics identifies many kinds of work injuries that happen with significant frequency in the American workplace. Many of these relate to unsafe mobility situations where one common kind of work injury is a “slip and fall.” Others have to do with equipment; anything less than exhaustive attention to maintenance and safety can lead to some very severe and grave worker injuries in many industries where high-powered machinery helps to improve production. Other workplace injuries have to do with more environmental conditions like air quality, but these are also significant health threats that are addressed when they lead to chronic illnesses over time.

The Medical Care You Need

The ultimate goal of workers’ compensation, at least on paper, is to help you get better. Sometimes it seems as though employers and workers’ compensation insurance companies are working against that goal. We are not.

We will make certain that you are listening to your doctor — a doctor you trust, not a doctor that is in the insurance company’s pocket. You may have to attend an independent medical exam (IME) at your employer’s request, but you do not need to listen to that doctor’s advice. You need to do what is best for you and your body. Count on our lawyers to look out for you. That is our job.

As the insurance company tries to avoid payment of physical therapy, surgery or other medical treatment that your doctor recommends, we will fight back. We will work hard to get you everything you need to recover from your workplace injury and get you back in the workforce, even if vocational rehabilitation is necessary.

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