Permanent Disability Lawyers

Workplace accidents are particularly tragic when they lead to permanent partial disability or permanent total disability. Getting permanent disability settlements through workers’ compensation is different than utilizing any public support or privately purchased long-term disability insurance. When workplace conditions or environments cause permanent disabilities, employers have a responsibility to provide for injured workers. Every state has different rules when it comes to permanent disability claims. At Cherry Injury Law, we have decades of experience with the rules in Pennsylvania. Our lawyers know how to arrange for compensation to cover all of the costs of an ongoing disability.

Treatment for Permanent Disabilities: Work Injury Law and Medical Care

Although it is important to document work conditions leading to partial or total permanent disabilities, it’s also important for the injured worker to focus on healing. When an employer or other party requests an Independent Medical Exam for a permanent disability workers’ compensation case, it does not constitute treatment for a permanent injury or condition. The injured worker should consult with a family doctor over the long term to seek any possible alleviation of what is considered a permanent disability.

You Focus on You and Let Us Focus on Your Case

While our client is developing plans for dealing with a permanent injury, we will be determining how to arrange for payment of benefits, covering lost wages, medical bills and even some abstracts such as impaired ability to do work in the future.

Depending on the details of the case, payment can be a portion of current salary, a lump sum payment or anything else that attorneys for both parties decide is equitable. However, an injured worker without the representation of a work injury law team may not receive the same benefits and compensation. Do not take any chances. Contact us.

Free Consultation: Contact a Media Work-Related Disability Attorney

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