Independent Medical Exam

Work Injury and Workers’ Compensation: Your Independent Medical Exam

In all workers’ compensation injury cases, it’s important for the injured workers to know how their work injury legal teams help to represent them. The Philly workers’ comp attorneys at Cherry Injury Law can guide you through the process if you’ve been injured at work. One important area of a case is an Independent Medical Exam or IME.

Workers who were injured on the job should know that commonly, the defense (the employer) can get a court order to send the injured person to a medical exam where doctors assess conditions. If a worker has legal representation, the two lawyers may agree on terms for a medical exam. Otherwise, an injury victim can find himself or herself ordered to attend one of these doctor visits.

Philadelphia Work Injury Lawyers: Tips for a Medical Exam

The first thing that patients should know is that the doctor visit is not treatment. It is for the sole purpose of getting facts about the case. According to many lawyers, doctors are also known to report in favor of a defense party who is paying the cost of the visit.

Work injury lawyers in PA will typically tell their clients to show up to one of these exams on time and to be polite and courteous to the doctor even if the diagnosis doesn’t seem to add up. The injured worker’s lawyer will work with the results of the medical exam to get a client every chance of a fair outcome. Patients should focus on what their actual family practice doctor is saying about their condition.

Documenting a Medical Exam: What PA Injury Lawyers May Suggest

In addition to the above, Pennsylvania work injury lawyers may also suggest that clients not mention some aspects of the case and stick to the issue of medical diagnosis when in the doctor’s office. It can also be a good idea for a patient to take notes and document some of what goes on at the medical exam. Often, the independent medical exam for a workers’ comp condition can become an important part of a case, and getting good tips from competent legal representation means an injury victim will be more likely not to tip his or her hand, but to simply do what is required by law.

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