The Most Avoidable Workplace Injuries

Slipper Floor Sign
Avoiding workplace injuries stands in the best interests, not just for employees but the employers as well. It isn’t like this is a monumental task either. Paying attention to small details and being mindful of the way each and everything is organized can help ensure that employees are able to work without sustaining any injuries. Further, having the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are working in a place that is conducive to your safety can definitely boost productivity levels.

Here are some of the most avoidable workplace injuries in PA.

Strains & Sprains

Strains and sprains are one of the most common injuries. Perhaps the reason why strains and sprains occur so often is that these are borne not just by those doing manual labor like lifting heavy equipment but also by those who are sedentary at their desks for large portions of the day. Ironically, they are also ones that can be avoided pretty easily.

For all employees and especially those who are tied down to their desks for work pretty much all day, getting in an adequate amount of exercise is key. Along with this, it is also very important to know your body’s limits – and this is applicable especially to those who are involved in a lot of manual labor such as lifting, pushing, or pulling heavy objects.

Slips, Trips & Falls

It’s fairly common to not pay attention to where we are walking, especially if we’re in a hurry. And this is why slips, trips, and falls occur quite regularly in offices. However, of course, these are very avoidable. If proper systems and procedures are in place for ensuring tasks are performed in a systematic manner, these can be avoided.

For instance, to ensure no one slips on a floor that has just been mopped, signs should always be put up when  an activity is performed. Similarly, it should be ensured that things are never left strewn about in an aisle, and all wires are tucked away neatly. Any debris that falls to the floor should immediately be cleaned up. Basically being mindful of your surroundings is all that is needed to be safe!

Falling from a Height

One of the most common workplace injuries in PA is people falling from a height.

For some professions, working at an elevated spot is part of the job. Consider painters for instance or handymen. They have to climb ladders and the like in order to complete their work.  Similarly, in offices and particularly in stores files may be kept on upper shelves. If the need to access such files arises, naturally employees have to climb up a ladder to get them.

Losing footing or stumbling and hence tumbling to the ground is a very likely possibility. Getting hurt as a consequence of such a fall is an even greater possibility leading to serious injuries such as fractures, lacerations, or in worst cases even death. To prevent such accidents from occurring as much as possible, health and safety guidelines should always be followed. Along with this, and often as a part of such health and safety guidelines, it is also very important to ensure safety gear is being used wherever needed.

Falling Objects

In stores and warehouses, and even construction sites, falling objects are a real threat. Injuries resulting from falling objects are often severe, particularly so if the falling object is heavy. In stores and warehouses, all boxes or objects need to be set in a manner that makes sure they won’t fall over. This means a properly organized system has to be firmly in place, which allows for easy use and retrieval without endangering employees. Along with this, safety equipment such as hardhats and steel-toed boots ought to be used diligently where applicable to enable maximum protection.

Ergonomic Aspects

Even the most mundane and minute office tasks can lead to injuries. While it may not look like it, but even activities such as typing can lead to the development of strains in muscles and tendons if done for excessive amounts of time. Similarly, sitting for long periods of time as is often demanded by desk jobs can lead to back issues and weight gain.

When involved with such tasks, the posture ought to be paid special attention as many of these injuries can be avoided simply by ensuring the right posture is being utilized. Further, getting up every so often is also necessary. Incorporating a small walk such as to get water, and a few stretches can go a long way in establishing a healthier routine. Further, employers ought to make sure all furniture such as tables and chairs are ergonomically supported and have some level of adaptability in terms of height and recline adjustment to allow for comfortable usage.

Appliances & Electricity

Appliances in the workplace should be examined at specific time intervals to make sure they are in good working condition. Small defects that one may even ignore could lead to major issues, posing serious harm to those in contact with them. It is important to examine not just the appliances themselves but also the wiring.

Exposed wires due to wear and tear could lead to short-circuiting or even electrocution. Similarly, staff needs to be educated about safe usage. For instance, using extensions or multiple-socket switches of course allow for the ease of using and charging several appliances at once. However, overloading the switch could be very harmful as it could lead to a short-circuit.


When in a hurry, we often pay no heed to things we might otherwise notice. And this is generally what causes collisions. This is, of course, an error we all partake in at times. To make matters easier, office walkways and aisles should always be kept clear. Glass doors should have some form of markings to ensure employees, particularly new recruits and visitors, don’t collide headfirst into them. Desks and chairs should be kept at their designated places.

Bottom Line

Workplace injuries in PA have happened, still happen and will continue to happen because humans tend to make mistakes naturally. The workplace ought to be safe and secure as much as possible in order to give employees the peace of mind to be productive and efficient. In case any incidents do occur, they should be noted down and amendments should be made to ensure they don’t happen again!

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