Vocational Rehabilitation

Unfortunately, injuries sustained while on-the-job can sometimes render an individual unable to perform that job any longer. This is of no fault of the employee. Fortunately however, those employers who are deemed responsible for causing the injury, or at least contributing towards the injury through negligent safety measures taken to prevent it, can be held liable for costs associated with the injury, which in many cases can include vocational rehabilitation.

Workers’ compensation can often be a confusing process. During medical examination, it will be determined whether or not an injured employee is capable of returning to their job. If the employee is incapable of performing their job as they once did, then vocational rehabilitation may be an option to retrain that employee’s skill set. In cases where retraining is not enough to help an injured employee return to work, vocational rehabilitation may shift entirely teach a brand new skill set, one that an injured employee can use to earn a living for himself.

Vocational rehabilitation counselors will consider your capabilities after an injury, and will tailor a training program to most closely fit your needs in order to enable you to once again be a gainfully employed member of society. However, vocational rehabilitation is not always included in workers’ compensation settlements, so the best course of action that injured workers can take is to retain the services of an experienced PA vocational rehabilitation injury attorney who will fight to ensure that vocational rehabilitation, if a viable option, is included in the settlement offered by your employer.

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