Workers’ Compensation Claims Process

Under Pennsylvania law, injuries to employees must be reported promptly the employee’s immediate supervisor and to the employer as well as to the third party administrator (TPA), or workers’ compensation insurer. Supervisors must complete an injury report as soon as possible and inform the TPA within two to five days of the date the injury occurred, depending on the type of work injury.

If an employee does not provide notice of a work injury to an employer within a specified period of time, no retroactive indemnity benefits will be paid. Cumulative trauma injuries must be reported to the supervisor as soon as they become known by the employee. By enlisting an experienced attorney at Cherry Injury Law, you can be certain that you will be informed of all claim requirements.

Do Your On-the-Job Injuries Fall “Within the Scope of the Law?”

The TPA will determine whether an injury falls within the scope of the law by reviewing medical records and information about the accident. The TPA is looking to verify that you are entitled to benefits. Injuries are usually covered if they occur before or after work, during lunch hours or breaks on the work premises, in the parking lot or in the course of physical labor that is not part of an employee’s regularly assigned duties. Mental or psychiatric injuries may be cause for a claim.

Types of Workers’ Compensation Claims

Workers’ compensation claims may fall into one of the following categories:

  • Incident claim only with no time off work and no medical attention sought
  • Medical claim only with no time lost
  • Medical claim only with seven or fewer days lost
  • Indemnity claim when the worker is disabled for seven days or more
  • Death claim

We understand the claim process and how it works for both union and non-union employees throughout Pennsylvania. We will make certain your claim is handled appropriately. If you are denied, we will fight back against the insurance company.

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