Notice, Filing Requirements & Deadlines

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In Pennsylvania, there are strict rules and deadlines in workers’ compensation cases that both employers and injured workers must adhere to. If you miss a deadline, you may lose your ability to obtain benefits. The best advice we can offer to injured workers is to obtain legal representation as soon as possible following a workplace accident.

At Cherry Injury Law, we have helped thousands of injured employees obtain benefits they are due. We know the system and how to protect the rights of our clients. If you have been injured while on the job, do not delay. Let our law firm serve as your guide through the complex and confusing system.

Timelines in the Workers’ Compensation System

Important deadlines for filing a claim in Pennsylvania include the following:

Filing notice of an injury — To be eligible for benefits from the date of your injury, you must file notice of a claim within 21 days of the time that you knew or should have known that you had an injury. If you fail to provide notice within 120 days of an injury, your ability to obtain benefits will be lost forever.

Important — You can provide oral notice to your employer, but it is much better to provide written notice. Our firm can assist you in this regard.

Getting treatment from a designated medical provider — Your employer has the right to demand that you obtain treatment from a medical provider on the Physician’s List that it has posted in the workplace for a period of 90 days from the date of the first visit. If you need specialty medical care of a type that is not on the designated list, you can treat with a specialist of your choosing. If your employer does not have a designated provider list or it has not complied with other requirements, you can treat with a medical provider of your choosing.

Filing a workers’ compensation claim — You must file an actual claim within three years from the date of the injury, or your claim will be forever barred. Your interests are best served, however, by filing your claim as soon as possible.

There are many complex aspects of the above requirements. Even if you have missed a deadline, it may be possible to save a claim that might otherwise be lost.

The lawyers at Cherry Injury Law can advise and represent you.

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