Workers’ Compensation Negotiation

We all work very hard for the money that we earn. Pennsylvania is famous for its blue collar mentality and was built on the backs of the individuals who built this country with hard, manual labor. When you earn your living with hard work, an accident that takes you off the job can be financially devastating. Suddenly, through no fault of your own, you can’t earn the income you need to make ends meet. Medical bills start to pile up and the last thing you need is an employer or insurance company that illegally and unfairly denies part of your claim, fails to carry insurance at all, or fires you for exercising your legal right to file a claim. When this situation does present itself, your best course of action is to contact an experienced Philadelphia attorney, like the ones at Cherry Injury Law to help protect your rights and fight for the money that you rightfully deserve.

Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance that applies to all Pennsylvania businesses with four or more employees. When an employee gets injured on the job and is unable to work, he or she can collect benefits until they are able to work again – regardless of fault. The insurance covers things like your medical bills and any and all expenses that are related to the injury and perhaps most importantly payments that replace your lost wages while you’re out of work. Pennsylvania employers are legally required to fund these benefits by purchasing an insurance policy through a private insurer or the state, or by maintaining their own funds.

Due to the nature of workers’ comp benefits in Pennsylvania and their prohibitive cost for both insurance companies and employers alike, many employers and insurance companies are apt to deny claims, sometimes regardless of their validity. Employers may say your injury was not sustained at work, that it’s less severe than you claim, or that you’re not covered at all. In these instances, it is always advisable to contact an experienced Pennsylvania negotiation attorney to help defend your interests. An experienced attorney won’t be fooled or intimidated by insurance company tactics and they can help you recover more money than you would get by covering yourself. If necessary, they can help you file a lawsuit against an employer determined to illegally deny your benefits.

At Cherry Injury Law, we work exclusively with people who have been seriously injured, usually through no fault of their own. We know our clients come to us when they are facing overwhelming financial and personal stress, so one of our most important goals is to make sure you feel comfortable with your case. We will explain what you need to know and do for your case, return your calls promptly and let you know if anything new comes up. Meanwhile, we handle negotiations with insurance adjusters and other legal details so you can focus on what’s most important right now: getting well and returning to your everyday activities.

Choosing The Right Workers’ Compensation Attorney

All too often, our attorneys see clients who make mistakes in choosing their attorneys. While the most important factor in selecting an attorney to represent you in your lawsuit is the depth of the attorney’s knowledge, skill, judgment and experience in handling claims like yours, their are many other factors that should be considered. Attorney David Cherry has written an article detailing the most common mistakes made when choosing a union workers’ compensation attorney.

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