Chemical Burns

Standing Up for the Rights of Injured Workers

When an acid or base chemical comes in contact with the skin or eyes, or the chemical is inhaled, serious life-changing injuries can occur. The burn victim can feel immediate pain, irritation of the skin and headache. In severe chemical burn cases, the victim can experience low blood pressure, cardiac arrest or death. While chemical burns can occur practically anywhere, they most commonly occur in industrial settings such as chemical plants and refineries.

If you have suffered chemical burns in the workplace, you face a potentially long and difficult recovery. In addition to reparative and scar revision surgery, you may require psychological counseling to deal with the emotional effects of your injuries. These types of care are potentially very costly, and the workers’ compensation insurance company may try to terminate your benefits prematurely or make an inadequate lump sum settlement offer.

Serious Burn Injury Lawyers in Media

At the law firm of Cherry Injury Law, we have extensive experience representing workers who have been injured in industrial accidents and construction accidents. Our attorneys work diligently to help our clients get all of the benefits they deserve.

When your health and well-being are at stake, you should not trust the insurance company to have your best interests at heart. Your rights can only be protected by an experienced lawyer.

Cherry Injury Law, will stand up for your rights, seeking to maximize your benefits and help you get the medical care you need to recover to the fullest extent possible.

When Your Injuries Are the Result of Negligence

If the accident was caused by a third party (such as a contractor or equipment supplier), you may be able to obtain additional compensation above that you receive from the workers’ compensation system. The same applies if your employer failed to follow OSHA guidelines. Our firm will seek to maximize the compensation you receive from all sources.

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