Occupational Diseases

Has Your Job Made You Sick?

If you or a loved one has become sick because of working conditions, you have just as much right to workers’ compensation as victims of workplace injuries. However, victims of occupational diseases often find that employers and workers’ compensation insurance companies push back. They deny, delay and cut off benefits. At Cherry Injury Law, our lawyers have decades of experience handling these cases and making certain that sick workers get the benefits to which they are entitled.

Occupational Diseases and Chemical Exposure

Occupational diseases typically result from exposure to chemicals in the workplace. We have seen cases involving direct exposure to chemicals that results in skin damage. We have also seen cases in which hazardous materials such as asbestos and benzene are breathed into the body, causing either immediate damage or damage that builds up over time. Inhalation of toxins can cause irreparable damage to lungs. It can cause brain damage. It can cause cancer.

Was There Wrongdoing Involved?

While workers’ compensation is a no-fault insurance system, the reality is that many occupational diseases are the result of some form of negligence. Perhaps the employer did not provide proper safety equipment or training. Perhaps the manufacturer of the hazardous material did not provide proper warnings about the dangers of the product. Negligence may open up opportunities for additional compensation. Our attorneys are committed to maximizing compensation for sick workers in Philadelphia and throughout Pennsylvania.

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