Repetitive Strain Injuries

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and More

Not all workplace injuries are the result of a single work accident. Some of them develop over time. These are referred to as repetitive strain injuries (RSI), also known as repetitive stress injuries, repetitive motion injuries and repetitive motion disorder.

While carpal tunnel syndrome may be the most widely known repetitive stress injury, it certainly is not the only one. These injuries can occur in all joints, including shoulders, knees and even the lower back. They can be extremely debilitating and difficult to treat. That is why it is critical that workers’ compensation comes through to do what is right for the injured worker.

When employers and workers’ compensation insurance companies deny, delay or cut off benefits, the attorneys at Cherry Injury Law take action. We have decades of experience standing up for the rights of injured workers in Philadelphia and throughout Pennsylvania.

Proving That an RSI Is Work-Related

In cases involving repetitive strain injuries, there is no single workplace accident that can be pointed to as the cause. Often, workers’ compensation insurance companies take this as a window of opportunity. They will try to avoid providing benefits by arguing that there is no evidence that work activities caused the repetitive strain injury.

We know how to overcome the predictable defense strategies used by employers and insurance companies. We have overcome them before. Our attorneys know that, by working with trusted doctors and gathering hard evidence, we can build strong cases that will make it impossible for benefits to be denied for the injured worker.

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