Philadelphia Building Collapses Kills Six Injures Thirteen

As many know, a building recently collapsed in Center City Philadelphia, at 22nd and Market Street that killed six people and injured thirteen others. However, more facts are now being released about the accident, the potential cause and about who was injured. The accident itself took place while a building was being demolished; it collapsed […]

Man Rescued From Being Trapped Under Equipment In Pennsylvania

As many workers know, working with heavy machinery can often be a dangerous task. However, it doesn’t take Philadelphia Industrial Accident Attorneys to understand that being trapped under one of those machines can often be a frightening time. One man recently experienced just that, but seems to have escaped safely. A man was working in […]

Industrial Accident Takes Life Of 1 Steel Worker Injures Another

Sometimes it’s the hardest working among us that end up as the victim of a tragic workplace accident. This is especially evident in industrial accidents where a hazardous work environment can cause or contribute to serious injury — or even death. A recent industrial accident will likely get the attention of Philadelphia industrial accident attorneys […]