Temporary Workers At Higher Risk Of Workplace Injuries

For many workers who have work that is temporary or are migrant workers, they tend to take the more high risk jobs to take whatever pay they can. However, the conditions that some find themselves in would shock even Workplace Injury Lawyers in Philadelphia. According to the director at the University of Pennsylvania Transnational Law […]

Man Rescued From Being Trapped Under Equipment In Pennsylvania

As many workers know, working with heavy machinery can often be a dangerous task. However, it doesn’t take Philadelphia Industrial Accident Attorneys to understand that being trapped under one of those machines can often be a frightening time. One man recently experienced just that, but seems to have escaped safely. A man was working in […]

Pennsylvania Company Fined For Construction Workers Death

Whenever anyone is killed, for any reason, it is always a tragedy. However, it does not take a Philadelphia Construction Accident Attorney to know that if a truck is overloaded, there is always a chance that someone will get injured, or even killed. This was the unfortunate case for one 29-year-old worker back in September. […]

Three People Hospitalized In Philadelphia From Fires Set At Tu

Construction site workers do assume some risk of the workplace but they probably don’t consider smoke inhalation being an issue. Even Workplace Injury Lawyers in Philadelphia would be surprised to learn that inhalation has been an ongoing problem at a construction site on Temple University’s campus. Morgan Hall, a $216 million residential complex being constructed […]

Firefighters Suffer Injuries In Philadelphia Because Of Weather

Firefighters expect to suffer extreme conditions from the heat while working on the job and, to some extent, expect some degree of injuries because of those fires. However, even workplace injury lawyers in Philadelphia would be surprised to learn that a couple firefighters suffered injuries because of the frigid weather. In Philadelphia, a fire broke […]

Worker Killed In Pennsylvania Backhoe Accident

Most people probably go to work every day without an overwhelming concern of being injured at work. Even if works do their part to remain safe, there is potential for tragedy to strike. Workplace injury lawyers in Philadelphia are likely keeping a close eye on a recent accident that killed a backhoe mechanic in eastern […]

Safety Key To Controlling Workers Compensation Costs

Pennsylvania’s workers’ compensation system is supposed to protect workers by providing significant benefits to employees who are injured on the job. Unfortunately, the reality for many injured workers falls far from the ideal. Companies fund the state’s workers’ compensation system. Every time a claim is made, their costs go up. To keep costs down, many […]

Pennsylvania Firefighters Workers Compensation Law In Flux

Workers’ compensation is an area of the law that aims to protect workers by allowing them to be compensated for injuries sustained at work. The federal government offers its own workers’ compensation insurance, but each state has its own workers’ compensation insurance program. Workers’ compensation attorneys have been following the controversy over a new law […]