Pennsylvania Accutane Health Risks Information

Accutane Health Risks

There’s no doubt that those who suffer from severe forms of acne desire clearer skin. Pimples, blackheads and whiteheads can cause physical discomfort in addition to being extremely embarrassing. However, most sufferers would probably not put their health in jeopardy to stop acne flare-ups. Unfortunately, many of the millions who took Accutane did not receive enough information to make an informed choice about whether the benefits of the drug were worth the health risks. This situation has led to literally thousands of lawsuits in recent years.

Major Health Risks of Taking Accutane

Like other medications, Accutane carries a risk of minor side effects such as dry skin, headaches and fatigue. Unlike many other prescription treatments, there are serious Accutane health risks. Accutane is associated with psychiatric problems. Several Accutane users have committed suicide, and others have struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts while taking the drug. Liver problems including liver damage, cirrhosis and fatty liver are other serious health risks associated with Accutane use. Transplantation may be necessary if damage is widespread. Taking Accutane increases the risk of developing gastrointestinal problems such as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Finally, using Accutane shortly before or during pregnancy can cause severe birth defects, even when users take the drug over very short periods of time. If you took this drug and encountered any of the previously mentioned problems, you may be able to file an Accutane lawsuit in Media.

Legal Obligations and Legal Options for Accutane Victims

Hoffman La Roche had an obligation as the manufacturer of Accutane to fully disclose all known risks and side effects so that acne sufferers could make an informed decision about taking the drug. Similarly, physicians had a responsibility to inform patients about the risks associated with Accutane before prescribing it. If you suffered harm because Hoffman La Roche and/or your health care provider failed to disclose the serious risks of taking Accutane, you may have a legal claim against one or both parties.

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