Pennsylvania Truck Driver Negligence Attorneys

Truck drivers are responsible for the safety of the drivers and passengers around them. Acting irresponsibly or negligently can have a deadly outcome such as serious injury or death to people sharing the road. The Pennsylvania truck driver negligence attorneys at Cherry Injury Law have extensive experience and knowledge required to prove a case of truck driver negligence.

Unfortunately, it’s easy for a truck driver to be negligent. Truck driver negligence includes cases when the following things occur:

  • A truck driver ignores regulations that specify the mandatory amount of breaks during a long haul and the time between hauls
  • A driver is fatigued and continues to drive
  • The truck driver drinks alcohol or uses illegal drugs before or during driving
  • The driver has not been properly trained or licensed to drive the vehicle
  • The driver uses a cell phone or is text messaging while driving
  • Improperly maintained equipment (such as tires) is ignored and not repaired or replaced
  • A truck driver practices unsafe driving such as speeding, abruptly changing lanes, weaving in and out of traffic or not obeying traffic signs
  • A driver ignores construction signs or continues to drive in poor weather conditions

Truck Accidents in Pennsylvania

Truck accidents in Pennsylvania occur on a daily basis. Dispatched police call in emergency service personnel to assess injuries at the scene of the truck accident. The police report may cite the reason the accident occurred unless the truck accident requires further investigation to determine what caused it. Officers will record witnesses’ accounts, take photographs and video and preserve the evidence. It is the duty of your truck accident lawyer to process all the collected facts and evidence correctly.

The Right Pennsylvania Truck Accident Attorney

Finding the right Pennsylvania lawyer to represent you in a lawsuit may seem simple at first, but the outcome of your case depends on the skill and expertise of your lawyer. It is important to look for qualities in a personal injury litigation lawyer that would give you the best outcome in a Pennsylvania personal injury lawsuit.

We invite you to call the truck accident lawyers at Cherry Injury Law to discuss your case. We offer a free initial consultation during which time we will determine the best way to handle your truck accident.

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