Is Car Rental Company Liable In Drunk Driving Accident

Vicarious liability is an important doctrine within personal injury law. Essentially, it means that one party can be held responsible for the failure of another. Vicarious liability can occur when the liable party and the responsible party have a special relationship, such as parent/child, employer/employee or vehicle owner/driver. But very few cases involving vicarious liability […]

Pennsylvania Motorcyclist Killed By Suspected Drunk Driver

On April 26, a 24-year-old Chesterbrook, Pennsylvania, man was killed while riding his motorcycle in Westtown Township. Police said the deadly accident occurred when the motorcyclist was traveling north on SR 202 and was hit by a white Dodge Ram coming from the opposite direction that took a left at Stanton Avenue. The accident victim’s […]

Are Driverless Cars Coming To A Philly Auto Dealership Near You

A great number of car accidents here in Philadelphia occur due to driver error or negligence. Drunk driving, distracted driving and fatigued driving lead to injuries and death every day in this country. In an effort to make driving safer, automakers are continuing to work to eradicate the biggest peril of driving: the human driver. […]

A Primer On Pennsylvanias Auto Insurance Part 2

In our last blog post, we discussed the insurance coverage you are required to purchase for each vehicle you own and operate in Pennsylvania. In today’s blog post, we will explain the optional coverages available. Your insurance company may offer you the following optional coverages: Uninsured motorist coverage: If an uninsured motorist hits you, you […]