Roosevelt Boulevard Tragedy Highlights Pedestrian Safety Issues

Late last month, a funeral was held for the Philadelphia family that was killed in a tragic collision in June. The woman and her four children were crossing the Roosevelt Boulevard when they were struck by a car; the oldest child, a 5-year-old boy, survived the crash, and the rest of the family was killed. […]

Overloaded Truck May Have Caused Bridge Collapse

Many Philadelphia residents may have heard the news today that yesterday’s bridge collapse in Washington state was caused by a semi-truck accident. Apparently, the truck was carrying an oversized load, causing it to strike an overhead bridge girder, which in turn caused the bridge to collapse. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured when two vehicles […]

Are Driverless Cars Coming To A Philly Auto Dealership Near You

A great number of car accidents here in Philadelphia occur due to driver error or negligence. Drunk driving, distracted driving and fatigued driving lead to injuries and death every day in this country. In an effort to make driving safer, automakers are continuing to work to eradicate the biggest peril of driving: the human driver. […]

Report Teen Driving Fatalities Up Drastically Last Year

A scary new report from the Governors Highway Safety Association indicates that highway fatalities involving teens in the United States increased by 19 percent during the first half of 2012. Overall, highway fatalities increased by 8 percent during the same time period. The report indicated that there were 240 highway fatalities involving drivers ages 16 […]

Critics Say Money Is Driving Philadelphia Red Light Cameras

Red light cameras have popped up all over the Delaware Valley, including Philadelphia and South Jersey, and soon they could be coming to Philadelphia suburbs. The purpose of the red light cameras is to dissuade drivers from running red lights at dangerous intersections, but critics say the red light cameras are actually doing more harm […]

Safety Group Warns That Fatalities Will Rise If Policy Is Ignored

For about a decade, the number of fatal motor vehicle accidents in Pennsylvania and the rest of the country were on the decline. However, according to preliminary data from 2012, highway fatalities are starting to rise and safety advocates warn that they could keep going up unless action is taken. In fact, last month the […]

Drunk Driving Prevention Ntsb Recommends Iid Like Devices For All Cars

Recently, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) released a report that shows a slight decline in drunk driving fatalities — a 2.5 percent drop from 2010 to 2011. Yet, of all traffic fatalities, alcohol remained a factor in 30 percent of accidents, accounting for more than 9,800 deaths. There have been years of effort […]

Holiday Drunk Driving Primary Focus For Pennsylvania Police

Additional grant money provided by the state is helping Pennsylvania police officers better combat drunken driving during the holiday season, which is known as one time of year when drunk driving rates are at their highest because of holiday parties and celebrations. Law enforcement is using a variety of methods to try to reduce the […]

A Primer On Pennsylvanias Auto Insurance Part 2

In our last blog post, we discussed the insurance coverage you are required to purchase for each vehicle you own and operate in Pennsylvania. In today’s blog post, we will explain the optional coverages available. Your insurance company may offer you the following optional coverages: Uninsured motorist coverage: If an uninsured motorist hits you, you […]

Philadelphia Motor Vehicle Accidents Spike During Holidays

The holiday season sends many individuals and families out onto the roadways to return home and/or visit family. Unfortunately, this increased activity can be perilous when many drivers are exhibiting aggressive behaviors or are inattentive to the risks present on roadways. According to AAA, 90 percent of holiday travelers will make their commutes via automobile, […]

Dui Car Accident In Philadelphia Kills Two

A tragic multi-car accident in Philadelphia’s Oxford Circle killed two people on Tuesday. And it appears the two people lost their lives to one terrible decision: The driver’s choice to drive under the influence of drugs. According to police, a 33-year-old man ran a red light, hitting another car, which then hit a jeep. The […]