Workers’ Compensation Coverage: Knowing the Rules and Seeking Work Injury Legal Help

What many workers who are injured on the job may not know is that each state in the U.S. has specific laws in place about what coverage needs to be for specific kinds of businesses and companies. Lots of workers know that is set up to provide for any illness or injury that they get on the job, but they might not know that the requirements for every employer are determined by the state. And that’s only the beginning of what is, in actuality, a complex system. In Philadelphia and around the state of PA, our lawyers at Cherry Injury Law can explain to clients just how the system works and why it is so important to have good legal representation when you want to claim what you deserve.

The Prearranged Bargain: Coverage for Businesses

In essence, the state tells businesses that they need to have these costs built into their business plans. In most cases, what happens is that employers take out specific insurance coverage from an insurance company. That insurance company agrees to pay all of the costs of a workers’ compensation claim.

Interestingly enough, the fact that your employer probably will not pay a worker’s insurance claim out-of-pocket doesn’t change the fact that many employers want to minimize or avoid payouts. That may be because the insurance company that pays on the claim will then raise their premiums or otherwise react to a successful payout situation. Insurance companies often seek to avoid payment as well, and that’s where a work injury case can become contentious. Pennsylvania workers injured on the job can put the Philadelphia work injury lawyers at Cherry Injury Law to work in order to get the compensation they deserve.

The Workers’ Compensation System

Another thing that workers may not know is that the system was partially set up to prevent workers from going through the courts to get settlements. That doesn’t mean that a work injury situation will never go through the courts, but it does mean that in many cases, there is a standard process for an injured worker to receive compensation. For more on how to successfully pursue a work injury case, take a look at Cherry Injury Law’s Workers’ Compensation Resource Center online or pick up the phone and call us in Media at 610-565-0300 or in Philadelphia at 610-565-0300.