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Workers Compensation Claim Denials

American federal and state governments have passed a bevy of laws to ensure that workers who are injured or harmed on the job get the compensation that they deserve. Unfortunately, many of these cases fall through the cracks due to aspects of the process for workers’ comp claims. Each state has its own laws. Pennsylvania workers’ compensation lawyers at Cherry Injury Law can help those who have been negatively impacted by workplace events or conditions to make sure their claims get noticed and that they are fairly treated. It starts with identifying your claim status, recording any past exams or events regarding the accident or injury and calling up qualified Pennsylvania work injury legal teams to create a path toward compensation

Issues with Work Injury Denials

In many cases, claims may be denied based on missing paperwork or other procedural errors. If your claim has been denied, think back about whether you submitted to a workers’ comp medical exam to prove that an injury or condition existed. In some cases, employers and others simply disbelieve that workplace issues were responsible for an injury or illness. For workers who don’t agree, good work injury legal representation can bring a denied claim back into play and make the employer take a closer look at their potential liability. In PA, a worker may bring what’s called a “claim petition” in coordination with his or her work injury counsel to move a work injury case forward.

At Cherry Injury Law, we have experience dealing with a range of work injury cases from slip and fall to respiratory health issues. We provide thorough and attentive care to claims to make sure clients get the best chance of getting compensation for medical bills, lost wages and more. Call our PA workers’ compensation attorneys in Media at 610-565-0300 or in Philadelphia at 610-565-0300 and let us look over your claim denial. You may still have a case, and our attorneys can work for you to help resolve a stalled claim.

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