Carpal Tunnel Injuries

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Constant, repetitive tasks such as typing at a computer keyboard or entering data can irritate the nerves passing through your wrists. Cumulative stress in these nerves can result in carpal tunnel syndrome, an ailment that causes intense pain and that may prevent you from performing your assigned work responsibilities.

While sufferers of carpal tunnel syndrome caused by work activities are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, employers and insurance companies often deny claims. They may assert that the worker does not really suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, or if the worker does suffer, that the injury was caused by non-work activities.

At the law firm of Cherry Injury Law, we have experience in repetitive strain injuries, including carpal tunnel injuries suffered by office workers. We understand how to document our clients’ medical injuries and help them obtain the workers’ compensation benefits they deserve.

Repetitive Stress Injury Lawyers in Media and Philadelphia

While your employer and its workers’ compensation insurance company may doubt the reality of your injury, we understand that your pain and discomfort are real. Our firm will work with your doctor or other medical specialists to document your injury and to develop evidence that supports the contention that your injury was the result of your work responsibilities.

Carpal tunnel sufferers typically require surgery and several weeks of recovery before they can resume their normal work duties. In addition to medical care and physical therapy, Cherry Injury Law, will seek temporary total disability benefits during the time you are off work, and partial disability benefits if you are able to perform other tasks.

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