Data Shows Increase In Construction Industry Fatalities

A preliminary report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that workplace fatalities within the construction industry were on the rise in 2012 despite an overall decline in worker deaths. The Bureau reported that there were 4,383 total workplace fatalities in 2012 compared to 4,693 in 2011, which represents a small decline. However, the number […]

Changes Recommended In Wake Of Philadelphia Building Collapse

In the wake of the tragic Philadelphia building collapse that occurred in June and left six people dead and many others seriously injured, a committee of City Council members has recommended many changes to the current methods in place for regulating demolitions and other construction projects. The July building collapse occurred when a portion of […]

Construction Worker Killed In Trench Collapse

Construction sites are some of the most dangerous places to work. Not only is there heavy equipment but other hazards are also often present such as elevated heights and trenches. If safety precautions aren’t strictly followed, workers can easily be injured or killed at construction sites. Earlier this week, a construction worker was killed in […]

Construction Accidents Often Result From Lapses In Safety

Construction accidents have been all too common in Philadelphia this summer. Of course, there was the tragic June 5th building collapse in downtown Philadelphia that left six people dead and wounded more than a dozen, but there were numerous other accidents as well that you probably never heard about. For example, on July 11, a […]

Pennsylvania Worker Crushed To Death At Mine

As long as coal mining has been a staple in the Pennsylvania economy, it has also been notorious for workplace accidents and deaths. Although the coal mining industry has grown safer over the decades, it still involves inherently dangerous work and equipment. Just this week, a worker at a western Pennsylvania coal mining company was […]

Homes Collapse In South Philadelphia 8 Injured

Today it was reported that South Philadelphia row homes collapsed leaving several injured, not even two months after a deadly construction site collapse in the city left six people dead. At this point, officials have reported that at least four row homes were damaged and parts of three homes collapsed after an apparent explosion late […]

Construction Worker Injured In Collapse At Temple University

Construction sites are full of hazardous conditions and all too often, construction workers are injured on the job in Philadelphia. A recent example of this occurred at Temple University in North Philadelphia earlier this month. According to reports, the construction accident occurred when part of the fifth floor of a building under construction collapsed, leaving […]

Did Fallen Philadelphia Building Expose Firefighters To Asbestos

It has now been more than three weeks since the building collapse at 22nd and Market in Philadelphia claimed the lives of six individuals, and first responders are now beginning to ask whether they were exposed to asbestos while responding to the deadly Philadelphia construction accident. In particular, the first responders are concerned since exposure […]

Philadelphia Construction Accident Leaves Two Injured

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration was called to the site of a Philadelphia construction accident last week that left a construction worker and a firefighter injured. The accident occurred Thursday afternoon at a construction site located on JFK Boulevard and North 19th Street. Officials have reported that a 54-year-old construction worker suffered a head […]

Was Human Error Behind The Philadelphia Building Collapse

In the weeks following the fatal Philadelphia building collapse, many questions remain, including why buildings collapse in the first place and how they can be prevented. National Geographic recently explored these questions in an interview with a civil engineer at California Polytechnic State University. According to the civil engineer, it appears that the Philadelphia building […]