Changes Recommended In Wake Of Philadelphia Building Collapse

In the wake of the tragic Philadelphia building collapse that occurred in June and left six people dead and many others seriously injured, a committee of City Council members has recommended many changes to the current methods in place for regulating demolitions and other construction projects. The July building collapse occurred when a portion of […]

Construction Accidents Often Result From Lapses In Safety

Construction accidents have been all too common in Philadelphia this summer. Of course, there was the tragic June 5th building collapse in downtown Philadelphia that left six people dead and wounded more than a dozen, but there were numerous other accidents as well that you probably never heard about. For example, on July 11, a […]

Construction Worker Injured In Collapse At Temple University

Construction sites are full of hazardous conditions and all too often, construction workers are injured on the job in Philadelphia. A recent example of this occurred at Temple University in North Philadelphia earlier this month. According to reports, the construction accident occurred when part of the fifth floor of a building under construction collapsed, leaving […]

Did Fallen Philadelphia Building Expose Firefighters To Asbestos

It has now been more than three weeks since the building collapse at 22nd and Market in Philadelphia claimed the lives of six individuals, and first responders are now beginning to ask whether they were exposed to asbestos while responding to the deadly Philadelphia construction accident. In particular, the first responders are concerned since exposure […]

Philadelphia Construction Accident Leaves Two Injured

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration was called to the site of a Philadelphia construction accident last week that left a construction worker and a firefighter injured. The accident occurred Thursday afternoon at a construction site located on JFK Boulevard and North 19th Street. Officials have reported that a 54-year-old construction worker suffered a head […]

Grand Jury Investigating Philadelphia Building Collapse

A grand jury will be investigating and gathering evidence following last week’s deadly building collapse in Philadelphia. Six people were killed and 13 were injured Wednesday when a four-story building that was being demolished collapsed on a Salvation Army thrift store as people shopped. Several civil lawsuits have already been filed in the wake of […]

Philadelphia Masonry Company Fined By Osha For Fall Hazards

A Philadelphia construction company was recently fined by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration after safety hazards were found at a job site in the city. The Lansdowne-based masonry company, which does business as J.C. Construction, was cited with four repeat safety violations and two serious safety violations after an August 2012 […]

Four Injured When Roof At Philadelphia Construction Site Collapses

Four workers were injured in Philadelphia this week when part of a building under construction collapsed. The construction accident occurred Tuesday afternoon at a building in the Feltonville section of the city that is the future home of the Philadelphia Police Special Victims Unit. Members of the Philadelphia Fire Department arrived at the scene minutes […]

Worker Killed In Philadelphia Water Tower Fall

A scaffolding collapse at a worksite just outside of Philadelphia led to two workers hanging from an empty water tower while awaiting rescue. Unfortunately, one of the workers plummeted to his death before he could be saved. The other hung by a safety harness for three hours before being brought down. The 100-foot-tall water tower […]

Lawsuit Filed Over Philadelphia Construction Site Accident

A laborer has filed a lawsuit against multiple entities, including the City of Philadelphia, after a construction site accident involving a forklift collision with another vehicle resulted in several bone fractures. According to the filing, the man was operating a forklift at the location of a new downtown convention center when the forklift ran over […]

Business Man Admits To Pennsylvania Construction Accident

A business owner in Springdale Borough, Pennsylvania, has pleaded guilty to a willful violation of occupational safety regulations that resulted in the electrocution and death of a Habitat for Humanity volunteer who was working on a home construction at the time of the fatal construction accident. The man was later sentenced to one year of […]