Data Shows Increase In Construction Industry Fatalities

A preliminary report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that workplace fatalities within the construction industry were on the rise in 2012 despite an overall decline in worker deaths. The Bureau reported that there were 4,383 total workplace fatalities in 2012 compared to 4,693 in 2011, which represents a small decline. However, the number […]

Construction Worker Killed In Trench Collapse

Construction sites are some of the most dangerous places to work. Not only is there heavy equipment but other hazards are also often present such as elevated heights and trenches. If safety precautions aren’t strictly followed, workers can easily be injured or killed at construction sites. Earlier this week, a construction worker was killed in […]

Construction Accidents Often Result From Lapses In Safety

Construction accidents have been all too common in Philadelphia this summer. Of course, there was the tragic June 5th building collapse in downtown Philadelphia that left six people dead and wounded more than a dozen, but there were numerous other accidents as well that you probably never heard about. For example, on July 11, a […]

Construction Worker Injured In Collapse At Temple University

Construction sites are full of hazardous conditions and all too often, construction workers are injured on the job in Philadelphia. A recent example of this occurred at Temple University in North Philadelphia earlier this month. According to reports, the construction accident occurred when part of the fifth floor of a building under construction collapsed, leaving […]

Philadelphia Construction Accident Leaves Two Injured

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration was called to the site of a Philadelphia construction accident last week that left a construction worker and a firefighter injured. The accident occurred Thursday afternoon at a construction site located on JFK Boulevard and North 19th Street. Officials have reported that a 54-year-old construction worker suffered a head […]

Construction Worker Killed By Concrete Barrier In Pennsylvania

Construction workers work in dangerous environments. Heavy machinery and moving objects make construction work zones a perilous place for workers, making them more vulnerable to injuries. Recently, a 29-year-old construction worker in Pennsylvania died from injuries he sustained after being struck by a concrete road barrier. The man was working on a highway improvement project […]

Oshas Slow Pace To Update Workplace Safety Rules May Put Workers In Danger

In recent years the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has been slower to update and create workplace safety regulations in comparison to years past. The safety of workers in many industries in Pennsylvania depends on the reformulation of safety regulations as new information comes to light. One such area is the regulation of jobs that […]