Four Dangerous Workplace Excuses

Everyone has experienced negativity in the workplace caused by a co-worker who makes excuses and has a bad attitude about their job. Besides spoiling the mood at work, this bad work-place behavior can also lead to dangerous accidents and safety hazards. Contractor Magazine shares four phrases heard in the workplace that reflect an unsafe attitude […]

Woman Suffers Workplace Accident When Machine Tears Off Her Scalp

The proper training of employees is crucial to workplace safety, especially training employees who work with heavy equipment because a simple mistake can easily result in serious injury or death. At the beginning of the month, a woman working at a car parts manufacturer suffered a horrific workplace accident that ripped off her scalp and sent […]

Five Ways To Reduce Slip And Fall Accidents At Work Part 1

Slip and fall accidents are third largest cause of workplace injury in the United States. Every year slippery surfaces at work send more than 8.7 million people to the emergency room, and according to the U.S. Department of Labor an average slip and fall injury at work costs around $28,000. Because slip and fall accidents […]