Mine Worker Needs Surgery After Pennsylvania Accident

In certain kinds of jobs, there is a constant risk of injury. How great the risk is depends on many factors, including how stringently the employer adheres to safety standards and regulations and how much safety training and equipment employees receive. While many injuries are relatively minimal, some types of workplace accidents result in injuries […]

Man Pleads Guilty To Causing Pa Workplace Accident

As some Philadelphia residents know, the Turnpike can often be a dangerous place for drivers and anyone who happens to be working on it. Unfortunately for one man, the work he was doing on the Turnpike cost him his life. The man responsible for that action, however, has just pled guilty, and will now be […]

New Report High Number Of Deaths Related To Workplace Accidents

There is bad news for workers. According to an AFL-CIO report, work-related deaths in the US reached 150 a day in 2011. The study gathered data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Occupational Health and Safety Administration. The numbers indicate 13 people die each day as the result of workplace injuries and another […]

Pennsylvania Employer Fined For Fatal Workplace Accident

There is a possibility for employees in any workplace to be injured on the job. However, some professions are inherently more dangerous than others. When employees are surrounding by dangerous working conditions daily, whether the danger is presented by machinery or other factors, it is the employer’s responsibility to provide the employees with the appropriate […]

Workplace Accident In Philadelphia Leaves Four People Injured

Working certain types of jobs typically comes with some level of risk. However, it does not take a Philadelphia Job Site Injury Attorney to understand that working in construction increases the chance for injury from workplace accidents, no matter how careful the workers are. In North Philadelphia, four workers unfortunately learned the hard way that […]

Court Denies Injured Workers Claim Due To Horseplay

Workers’ compensation is a no-fault system, designed to help workers when they are injured on the job. Employers are required by law to pay into the state workers’ compensation fund to make sure workers are protected. Unfortunately, both the workers’ compensation insurance companies and the employers they cover want to limit the amount of money […]