Safety Inspections Lower Workplace Injury And Do Not Hurt Bottom Line

Many in the business community believe that government regulation of workplace safety inhibits the success of business and the creation of jobs. A recent study conducted by a professor from the Harvard Business School looked at whether workplace safety inspections conducted by the government reduce workplace injury and whether the inspections impact the profitability of […]

Temporary Workers At Higher Risk Of Workplace Injuries

For many workers who have work that is temporary or are migrant workers, they tend to take the more high risk jobs to take whatever pay they can. However, the conditions that some find themselves in would shock even Workplace Injury Lawyers in Philadelphia. According to the director at the University of Pennsylvania Transnational Law […]

New Legislation Could Help With Workers Compensation Settlements

As many Philadelphia residents know, most legislation has ways of slowing down bureaucratic processes instead of speeding them up. However, the new Strengthening Medicare and Repaying Taxpayers (SMART) Act that was just passed on the federal level may actually buck the trend and speed up Workers Compensation Settlements. The new SMART Act was just signed […]

Pennsylvania Firefighters Workers Compensation Law In Flux

Workers’ compensation is an area of the law that aims to protect workers by allowing them to be compensated for injuries sustained at work. The federal government offers its own workers’ compensation insurance, but each state has its own workers’ compensation insurance program. Workers’ compensation attorneys have been following the controversy over a new law […]

Four Dangerous Workplace Excuses

Everyone has experienced negativity in the workplace caused by a co-worker who makes excuses and has a bad attitude about their job. Besides spoiling the mood at work, this bad work-place behavior can also lead to dangerous accidents and safety hazards. Contractor Magazine shares four phrases heard in the workplace that reflect an unsafe attitude […]

Doctors Filling Prescriptions Medical Costs And Workers Compensation

Painkillers and other prescriptions often play a vital role in the treatment of workplace injuries. According to a recent study, more doctors in Pennsylvania and elsewhere across the country are writing and then filling prescriptions for workers’ compensation patients. The doctors who fill their own prescriptions sometimes get paid more per pill than pharmacists, which […]

Painkillers And Workplace Injury Higher Costs And Hampering Of Recovery Time

According to a recent study, the early and frequent use of opioid painkillers to treat workplace injury has lead to higher costs for workplace insurers and longer recovery time among injured workers. Far too often, early or extended use of narcotic painkillers can lead to addiction problems, which further complicate a worker’s ability to recover […]