Why You Need a Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer

Whether or not you choose Cherry Injury Law, to represent you after a Pennsylvania auto accident, we emphatically offer one very important piece of advice:

To protect your own best interests, you should have a lawyer on your side after a car accident resulting in serious injury or death.

Many people believe that the police, their own insurance company, family members, another motorist’s insurance company or health care providers will provide answers and direction. In fact, each of these parties has specific priorities. Protecting your rights and your future is a job best entrusted to a well-respected personal injury attorney.

In particular, insurance companies seem determined to work hard to avoid paying out any more in benefits than necessary. If you talk to an insurance claims adjuster, a law enforcement investigator or a patient’s representative in a hospital without the advice of an attorney, you could unknowingly hurt your case.

Remember: You are not obligated to talk to anyone after an accident. If you do speak to insurance company representatives or accident investigators about what happened or about your injuries, you are advised to have a lawyer present. Your attorney will help protect your rights and best interests.

Contact a Media Truck Accident Lawyer

After a West Chester or Norristown auto crash or any serious motor vehicle accident, a law firm with experience and a strong track record of results is a valuable source of information and advocacy for an injured person and affected family members. If you have been involved in an auto accident in Pennsylvania, please contact Cherry Injury Law, by phone or e-mail to schedule a free consultation with an experienced Philadelphia car accident attorney.