Candy Billionaire To Be Charged With Misdemeanor In Fatal Crash

One of the richest women in the world faces a misdemeanor reckless driving charge for her part in a fatal car accident on Oct. 4 in Virginia. Police records show that Jacqueline Badger Mars, co-owner of Mars Inc., a candy company, told a witness she’d fallen asleep at the wheel just before the crash. Six […]

Paying For Rehab Common Obstacle For Brain Injury Patients

Car accidents, sports injuries and other mishaps cause approxmiately 1.7 million traumatic brain injuries per year in the United States. Roughly 90,000 of these result in permanent brain damage, forever impacting the accident victim’s life. The good news is that there are many forms of treatment available today for brain injuries, including specialized rehabilitation centers […]

Injured Workers In Philadelphia May Qualify For Workers Comp

Getting injured on the job is no walk in the park for Philadelphia workers or their families. Following a workplace accident, it can be difficult to know where to turn or whom to trust. What Philadelphia workers should know is that they are often entitled to workers’ compensation benefits for medical expenses, lost wages and […]

Injured Employee Wins Pennsylvania Workers Comp Appeal

Oftentimes, when a worker is injured on the job in Pennsylvania, he or she is entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, which help cover medical expenses, lost wages and other costs related to the injury. However, workers’ compensation cases aren’t always straight forward and sometimes appeals are necessary to decide whether a worker is entitled to […]

Pennsylvania Mans Experience Shows Severity Of Burn Injuries

In February, a 34-year-old Pennsylvania man was bravely performing his job as a firefighter when a house fire became uncontrollable. Severe burns covered the man’s body as the fire instantaneously consumed a room in the house. He was left unconscious, but his fellow rescue workers were able to pull him out of the blaze. Eventually, […]