Burn Injuries Occurring To Children Can Be Catastrophic

Serious burn injuries are often catastrophic, no matter what their cause. Not only do serious burn injuries cause an immense amount of pain, they also usually require several surgeries to treat. These surgeries can be expensive and the recovery time can consume years of a person’s life. Burin injuries can be especially tragic when they […]

Pennsylvania Mans Experience Shows Severity Of Burn Injuries

In February, a 34-year-old Pennsylvania man was bravely performing his job as a firefighter when a house fire became uncontrollable. Severe burns covered the man’s body as the fire instantaneously consumed a room in the house. He was left unconscious, but his fellow rescue workers were able to pull him out of the blaze. Eventually, […]

Firefighter Reminds Public To Take Burn Injuries Seriously

A recent op-ed article written by a seasoned firefighter explained just how catastrophic burn injuries can be. The firefighter wrote about his experience visiting a colleague who was severely burned on the job. The firefighter said that after years in the field, he should have been familiar to the damages caused by burn injuries. But […]

Ski Doo Snowmobiles Recalled For Fire Hazard

Snowmobiling is a pastime enjoyed by many Pennsylvania residents during the snowy, winter months. However, people who ride certain Ski-Doo model snowmobiles are being warned that they could be in danger. The company that manufactures Ski-Doo snowmobiles recently recalled about 10,200 machines because of a fire hazard. BRP said in a statement that about 23 […]

Pennsylvania Kerosene Recalled Over Burn Injuries Concern

A potentially dangerous batch of kerosene is being recalled by Philadelphia Energy Solutions, the Pennsylvania company announced last week. The kerosene has the potential to cause fires in space heaters that use it as fuel, leading to burn injuries and property damage. The voluntary recall concerns kerosene sold between December 10 and December 18. It […]

Lawsuits Could Spark After Philadelphia Warehouse Fire

One Philadelphia firefighter had been on the job for five years, joining the force when he was just 20. The other was a 60-year-old veteran, nearing retirement from a dangerous job where serious burn injuries and death are constant threats. Both men lost their lives last month fighting a five-alarm fire at an abandoned warehouse […]

More Tragic Details Released In Fatal Christmas House Fire

Last week, we wrote about the heartbreaking house fire that killed five family members of a well-known advertising executive on Christmas Day. Well, another tragic twist of the story has just been released. Officials told The Associated Press that the fire, which led to the needless death of three children and their grandparents, had ignited […]

Report Popular Instant Soups Pose Burn Risks For Kids

For those cold Philadelphia days, there’s nothing better than a hot cup of soup. However, a recent report revealed that certain instant soups can be dangerous and can cause a serious burn injury, especially involving children. Last week, an investigative report by National Public Radio uncovered the burn risks presented by some of the most popular […]