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Over-the-road truckers typically have a strong incentive to drive as far as they can, as fast as they can. Whether they are paid by the load or by mileage, their livelihood depends on their ability to make the most of their time. Once they get out on a stretch of open highway, the natural tendency is to want to “make tracks” and make time for the sake of the income they expect to receive from delivering goods efficiently.

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Unfortunately, this drive for speed and efficiency leads many truck drivers to look for ways to cut corners. Driving faster than the speed limit, overloading trucks and failure to get the required rest and sleep are all ways that truckers deliver more goods in a shorter amount of time. Sometimes the truck driver’s log that commercial truckers are required to keep reveals that driver fatigue could have been a factor in a truck accident.

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Some truck drivers will actually keep two trucking logs: one telling the truth and one bending the truth to fit the rules. A prompt and thorough investigation may uncover the likelihood of driver fatigue as a factor in a truck accident. Waiting too long to obtain and review the trucking log(s) can make it much more difficult to prove that a truck driver was too sleepy and tired to be a safe driver.

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