Football Helmets Being Redesigned To Hinder Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries affect thousands of people in Pennsylvania each year, most commonly as a result of car accidents, falls or sports injuries. Serious brain injuries can change a person’s life forever, especially if the injury is not treated right away. In recent years, brain injuries have received a lot of media attention after famous football […]

Nfl Wants Brain Injury Lawsuits To Be Heard In Philadelphia

As we have discussed in past posts, more than 100 former professional football players have brought personal injury lawsuits against the National Football League, alleging that the organization knew concussions could cause traumatic brain injuries, but failed to protect the players. The players all claim to suffer from concussion-related brain injuries resulting from the sport […]

Ex Nfl Players Blame League For Brain Injuries In Lawsuit

If you have ever been to a Philadelphia Eagles game, you know how hard some of the hits are out there on the field. Not surprisingly, many players end up hurt. But some players are alleging that brain injuries, in particular, leave lasting and severe consequences that they were never warned about. A suit filed against […]

Philadelphia Eagles Lose Quarterback Temporarily To Brain Injury

Football season has just gotten under way, but the Philadelphia Eagles have already had more than their fair share of heartbreak after star quarterback Michael Vick was taken out of Sunday’s game with a concussion. Depending on how serious the brain injury turns out to be, it could take weeks before Vick is allowed to play […]

75 Former Players Reportedly Sue Nfl Over Brain Injuries

Earlier this week we discussed how devastating brain injuries can be and how it was recently reported that a traumatic brain injury (TBI) diagnosis even doubles the risk of dementia later on in life. Additionally, it has been proven that severe or multiple head injuries can lead to memory loss and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). […]