Burn Injuries Occurring To Children Can Be Catastrophic

Serious burn injuries are often catastrophic, no matter what their cause. Not only do serious burn injuries cause an immense amount of pain, they also usually require several surgeries to treat. These surgeries can be expensive and the recovery time can consume years of a person’s life. Burin injuries can be especially tragic when they […]

Penn State Faces Civil Lawsuits In Wake Of Sandusky Sex Crimes

The Penn State University scandal involving the sexual abuse of children by the one-time assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky could result in the school paying millions to settle personal injury lawsuits. So far, three civil lawsuits have been filed against Penn State, charging that the school was negligent by failing to protect the children on its premises. […]

Bucks County Teen Staying Positive After Bus Crash

A Bucks County student is attempting to adapt to life in a wheelchair after a bus accident in February left his paralyzed from the chest down. The accident occurred in Boston and involved a busload of Philadelphia-area teens who had been on a tour at Harvard University. The accident occurred on Feb. 2 when the […]

Philadelphia Area Man Arrested For Dui And He Already Has 6

When people are injured or killed in drunk driving car accidents, it can be very difficult for others to accept. Drunk driving accidents are avoidable, which makes it tough to understand why these continue to happen here in Philadelphia and throughout the nation. Drinking and driving is not only incredibly dangerous, but it is also […]

Firefighter Reminds Public To Take Burn Injuries Seriously

A recent op-ed article written by a seasoned firefighter explained just how catastrophic burn injuries can be. The firefighter wrote about his experience visiting a colleague who was severely burned on the job. The firefighter said that after years in the field, he should have been familiar to the damages caused by burn injuries. But […]

Ex Nfl Players May Test New Brain Injury Treatment

According to reports, the National Football League Alumni Association is working with a medical company to develop a possible treatment for traumatic brain injuries. If all goes as planned, the treatment will be tested on retired NFL football players, many of whom have suffered brain damage because of repetitive concussions on the field. The treatment […]

Police Weekend Tour Bus Crashed Caused By Blown Tire

Police have determined that a bus crash involving a tour bus that was traveling from Philadelphia to New York was caused by a tire blowout. A total of 14 passengers were injured when the crash occurred in New Jersey on Interstate 29 near mile marker 59 just before 3 p.m. on Saturday. According to reports, […]

Another Fatal Tour Bus Crash Occurs Amid Fed Crackdown

Last month, a tour bus accident on the Pennsylvania Turnpike claimed the lives of the bus driver and the Seton Hill University women’s lacrosse coach, who was pregnant with a child. The tragic accident was one of several that have occurred recently involving tour buses, including one that occurred today in Texas. The Texas crash […]

Personal Injury Lawsuits Pending Against Philadelphia Bus Company

In the aftermath of car accidents in Pennsylvania, there are generally two ways that responsible parties may face consequences. They can be held civilly liable or criminally accountable or both. It is generally up to police and prosecutors to decide whether a driver or another party will face criminal charges after a motor vehicle accident, […]

Philadelphia Father Sues Club For Over Serving Deceased Son

Owners of bars and other establishments that serve liquor to intoxicated patrons have certain liabilities under Pennsylvania’s Dram Shop Acts. The state legislature has decided that serving intoxicated patrons more alcohol amounts to negligent conduct, which is why legal liability can be imposed if the over-serving results in someone being injured or killed. In a […]