Ex Nfl Players May Test New Brain Injury Treatment

According to reports, the National Football League Alumni Association is working with a medical company to develop a possible treatment for traumatic brain injuries. If all goes as planned, the treatment will be tested on retired NFL football players, many of whom have suffered brain damage because of repetitive concussions on the field. The treatment […]

Philadelphia Brain Injuries Lawsuit Emboldened By Stars Death

The U.S. National Institutes of Health has concluded that former National Football League star Junior Seau was suffering from a serious brain injury at the time of his suicide. That condition, known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), has been found in a number of other former professional football players who have died prematurely from dementia, suicide […]

Pennsylvania Researchers Concentrate On Brain Injuries

As brain injuries have ascended to the spotlight in the recent years of American culture — and, in particular, American sports culture — researchers have sharpened their gaze on learning more about these injuries and working to better treat and prevent them. A number of those researchers work at the University of Pennsylvania, where the […]

Multitasking Therapy Aiding Victims Recovery From Tbi

Violent head blows experienced by athletes, soldiers and car accident victims may cause concussions and life-altering damage to the brain. To help these individuals, researchers are offering new therapeutic ways for victims of traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord accidents to regain the ability to coordinate thoughts and multitask. A machine known as the Dynavision […]

Could A New Drug Hold The Key To Treating Brain Injuries

Each year, countless people in Pennsylvania and the rest of the country have their lives forever changed by traumatic brain injuries. Oftentimes, the injuries are caused by motor vehicle accidents, falls or other everyday mishaps. Because the brain is by far the most complex part of our bodies, even minor head injuries can have long-term […]

Nfl To Request Dismissal Of Player Filed Concussion Lawsuits

Some legal experts are comparing concussion-related lawsuits from current and former National Football League players to the ones smokers made against tobacco companies 15 years ago. Legal experts say the players are using a similar argument that smokers made: An organization knew about the dangers of the product/sport, but hid the information from those at risk. […]

Former Nfl Player With Brain Injury Takes His Own Life

A former NFL player who was part of the Philadelphia-based lawsuit against the NFL died of a self-inflicted bullet wound last week. According to his wife, Ray Easterling suffered from brain disorders including depression, insomnia and dementia as a result of the hard hits he endured while playing for the Atlanta Falcons during the 1970s. […]

Update On Nfl Head Injury Lawsuit

As we have discussed in the past, head injuries are a significant health problem in Pennsylvania and throughout the nation, and a legal case against the NFL is highlighting that concern. A former NFL Washington Redskins quarterback has become the primary litigant the personal injury case against the NFL. The mass-tort lawsuit has been filed […]

Football Helmets Being Redesigned To Hinder Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries affect thousands of people in Pennsylvania each year, most commonly as a result of car accidents, falls or sports injuries. Serious brain injuries can change a person’s life forever, especially if the injury is not treated right away. In recent years, brain injuries have received a lot of media attention after famous football […]

As Crosby Returns To The Ice Brain Injuries Are On The Mind

Many people in Pennsylvania and the rest of the country were thrilled to know that one of hockey’s greatest would be returning to the ice this week. After suffering from consecutive concussions last season and another blow to the head earlier this season, Sidney Crosby will lace up his skates tonight as the Pittsburgh Penguins […]

New Technology Expected To Assist In Diagnosis Of Tbis

Traumatic brain injuries affect the lives 1.7 million Americans each year. Motor vehicle accidents and sports injuries are just two ways in which the human brain can be damaged beyond repair. The problem is that traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs, can be very hard to diagnose, which also makes them difficult to treat. The deputy […]