High School Football Star In Coma From Head Injury

It’s football season here in Philadelphia and across the nation, but it’s not all drills, touchdowns, and the thrill of victory. Philadelphia residents may be interested in this recent incident of a Chicago high school star’s traumatic brain injury (TBI). It’s a prospect that every player, parent and coach dreads. Lane Tech, a college prep […]

Nfl Teams Better Equipped For Head Injuries

As concussions and head injuries continue to plague the National Football League, its officials have revealed an improved method for tracking and treatment injuries. The league will soon implement an electronic health records system that will fully replace paper medical records and lead to improved communication, immediate information access and other supporting materials to help […]

Could A New Drug Hold The Key To Treating Brain Injuries

Each year, countless people in Pennsylvania and the rest of the country have their lives forever changed by traumatic brain injuries. Oftentimes, the injuries are caused by motor vehicle accidents, falls or other everyday mishaps. Because the brain is by far the most complex part of our bodies, even minor head injuries can have long-term […]

Nfl Wants Brain Injury Lawsuits To Be Heard In Philadelphia

As we have discussed in past posts, more than 100 former professional football players have brought personal injury lawsuits against the National Football League, alleging that the organization knew concussions could cause traumatic brain injuries, but failed to protect the players. The players all claim to suffer from concussion-related brain injuries resulting from the sport […]

Pennsylvania Tackles Brain Injuries In Student Athletes

The governor of Pennsylvania recently signed into law a bill that will help prevent concussions during high school athletic events. The Safety in Youth Sports Act was signed into law on Nov. 9 by Gov. Tom Corbett. The law is said to help lower the occurrence of traumatic brain injuries in student athletes. Sadly, traumatic […]

Doctors Advise Against Kids Sports That Risk Head Injury

A statement issued jointly by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Canadian Paediatric Society urges its member doctors to oppose children being involved in boxing and other sports where there is an increased risk of brain injuries to participants. The statement appeared in the September issue of “Pediatrics.” The original policy dates back to 1997, […]

75 Former Players Reportedly Sue Nfl Over Brain Injuries

Earlier this week we discussed how devastating brain injuries can be and how it was recently reported that a traumatic brain injury (TBI) diagnosis even doubles the risk of dementia later on in life. Additionally, it has been proven that severe or multiple head injuries can lead to memory loss and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). […]