Set Asides No Longer Used For Workers Compensation Settlements

As many Philadelphia workers know, workers compensation can often be difficult to get, even when it’s completely deserved and there should not be any issues. Often times, just to get what is right, a workers’ compensation settlement may be the best course of action to ensure the necessary benefits are received. A recent case, however, […]

Construction Worker Injured By Semi Hitting Lift Bucket

Working on the interstate can be dangerous for a variety of reasons. Working in the air many feet above the interstate is even more dangerous, and it doesn’t take a Philadelphia Construction Accident Attorney to explain why it is likely for someone to be injured in that type of situation when another driver hits the […]

Road Construction Workers Accidents Among Most Common Workers Accidents

In areas of the country that experience all four seasons, such as Pennsylvania, summer can be a season of road construction. Of the different types of construction workers’ accidents that occur, road construction workers’ accidents are among the most common. It’s estimated that as many as 700 fatalities occur in road work zones each year […]