Construction Accident At Temple University Results In One Injury

As many Philadelphia construction workers know, one wrong move can result in a serious injury, or even death for both the workers and anyone nearby. Luckily, a recent accident only resulted in one worker being injured. The incident occurred on Temple University’s campus in Philadelphia. A building that is being built on 1200 Polett Walk […]

Pennsylvania Company Fined For Construction Workers Death

Whenever anyone is killed, for any reason, it is always a tragedy. However, it does not take a Philadelphia Construction Accident Attorney to know that if a truck is overloaded, there is always a chance that someone will get injured, or even killed. This was the unfortunate case for one 29-year-old worker back in September. […]

Philadelphia Judge Rules Insurer Need Not Indemnify For Worker

Oftentimes, insurance companies will try to protect themselves from liabilty when a worker is injured. However, one judge has just made the job of a philadelphia construction accident attorney that much harder because she set a precedent that allows insurers to easily opt out of covering contractors and subcontractors. The incident stems from an injury […]

Construction Worker Injured By Semi Hitting Lift Bucket

Working on the interstate can be dangerous for a variety of reasons. Working in the air many feet above the interstate is even more dangerous, and it doesn’t take a Philadelphia Construction Accident Attorney to explain why it is likely for someone to be injured in that type of situation when another driver hits the […]

Pennsylvania Construction Worker Falls Off Ladder Drops 12 Feet

Philadelphia residents working in the construction business may view a recent accident in western Pennsylvania an instructive example of the dangers that exist on construction sites. A Philadelphia construction accident attorney is also a good resource for information regarding this sort of construction site accident. Not long ago, a male construction worker, who was considered […]

Construction Worker Killed By Concrete Barrier In Pennsylvania

Construction workers work in dangerous environments. Heavy machinery and moving objects make construction work zones a perilous place for workers, making them more vulnerable to injuries. Recently, a 29-year-old construction worker in Pennsylvania died from injuries he sustained after being struck by a concrete road barrier. The man was working on a highway improvement project […]

Road Construction Workers Accidents Among Most Common Workers Accidents

In areas of the country that experience all four seasons, such as Pennsylvania, summer can be a season of road construction. Of the different types of construction workers’ accidents that occur, road construction workers’ accidents are among the most common. It’s estimated that as many as 700 fatalities occur in road work zones each year […]

Construction Workers Accidents More Common Than We Think

When many of us think about construction workers’ accidents, we imagine old-timey pictures of men sitting on steel I-beams high above the ground. The implication of course is that construction accidents were an occurrence in construction sites from a time long ago when modern technology and safety concepts did not exist. The reality is that […]