Workers Compensation Settlements Get Tougher For Firefighters

Almost everyone in Philadelphia knows that firefighters are an essential part of the community and would obviously want their help in an emergency. However, for many firefighters who are injured, it is apparently getting harder for them to receive the help they need from workers’ compensation settlements both in Philadelphia and around the state. For […]

Effects Of New Healthcare Act On Workers Comp Still Unclear

Many, if not all Philadelphia residents at this point are aware of the new revisions that have been put into place regarding healthcare. However, not many experts, much less normal Americans, know how it will affect Workers Compensation Settlements. One benefit is that the focus on preventative care and staying well could have a long […]

Workers Compensation Rates Down In Pennsylvania

For anyone in Pennsylvania who has worker’s compensation through their job, there is good news: the rates are dropping throughout the state. This also hopefully means that trying to get a workers compensation settlement might be a bit easier as there are less costs involved. The Pennsylvania Insurance Department recently reported that a rate reduction […]

Athletes Receive High Workers Compensation Settlements

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that most athletes face significant risks when they play their sports, especially when it comes to football or basketball, Those risks carry with them the possibility for long-term consequences. While most people assume that this wear and tear on their body is compensated for in huge salaries, bonuses […]

New Legislation Could Help With Workers Compensation Settlements

As many Philadelphia residents know, most legislation has ways of slowing down bureaucratic processes instead of speeding them up. However, the new Strengthening Medicare and Repaying Taxpayers (SMART) Act that was just passed on the federal level may actually buck the trend and speed up Workers Compensation Settlements. The new SMART Act was just signed […]

Near Philadelphia Workers Fighting For Compensation

In today’s world, even workers’ compensation is sold to the lowest bidder. When dealing with massive companies and the third parties that they hire, trying to figure out who is actually supposed to pay for a workers’ compensation settlement can make even a workers’ compensation settlement attorney’s head spin. Amazon recently opened a large warehouse […]

Set Asides No Longer Used For Workers Compensation Settlements

As many Philadelphia workers know, workers compensation can often be difficult to get, even when it’s completely deserved and there should not be any issues. Often times, just to get what is right, a workers’ compensation settlement may be the best course of action to ensure the necessary benefits are received. A recent case, however, […]

Pennsylvania Firefighters Workers Compensation Law In Flux

Workers’ compensation is an area of the law that aims to protect workers by allowing them to be compensated for injuries sustained at work. The federal government offers its own workers’ compensation insurance, but each state has its own workers’ compensation insurance program. Workers’ compensation attorneys have been following the controversy over a new law […]