Former Nfl Player With Brain Injury Takes His Own Life

A former NFL player who was part of the Philadelphia-based lawsuit against the NFL died of a self-inflicted bullet wound last week. According to his wife, Ray Easterling suffered from brain disorders including depression, insomnia and dementia as a result of the hard hits he endured while playing for the Atlanta Falcons during the 1970s. […]

Doctors Testing Progesterone As Treatment For Brain Injuries

Progesterone. It’s the hormone most frequently associated with ovulation and menstruation in women. But could progesterone also have another important function as well? Scientists are now testing the hypothesis that the chemical could actually help treat traumatic brain injuries in both men and women. The study was launched after doctors discovered that progesterone may have […]

Bret Michaels Sues Tony Awards Over Head Injury

When most people think of being injured on the job, they think construction zones or other industrial-type environments. However, accidents can and do occur in a variety of workplace settings – – even on the stage of award ceremonies. According to a recent report by the Hollywood Reporter, rock star Bret Michaels has sued CBS […]