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Nfl Teams Better Equipped For Head Injuries

As concussions and head injuries continue to plague the National Football League, its officials have revealed an improved method for tracking and treatment injuries. The league will soon implement an electronic health records system that will fully replace paper medical records and lead to improved communication, immediate information access and other supporting materials to help medical professionals properly care for injured players.

The system will be phased in over the next two seasons and will be adopted by every franchise in the league. The Philadelphia Eagles are expected to be in the second wave of teams transitioning to the new system.

Electronic health records will be very valuable in the league, especially when teams travel on the road — each player’s medical records will be easily accessible in any situation. Meanwhile, players will also have access to their electronic records and will be able to forward them to their own personal physicians.

When players are traded from one team to another, they will be easily forwarded to the new team.

The new system is part of a 10-year contract between the NFL and eClinicalWorks, and it will cost the league between $7 and $10 million.

In addition to the normal features included in the system, the NFL’s records system will feature innovative video streaming, making it easy for doctors to see how the individual sustained the injury in the course of play. The system will be designed to sync with other technology already used by the league, allowing for a fluid transfer of information between the various parts.

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