Studies Suggest Tbis More Harmful To Children Than Thought

A traumatic brain injury resulting from a car accident, fall or another traumatic event can be devastating, especially when the accident victims are children, new research shows. Two small studies published recently in the journal Pediatrics suggest that, contrary to past belief, severe traumatic brain injuries occurring in very young children often lead to harmful […]

Doctors Testing Progesterone As Treatment For Brain Injuries

Progesterone. It’s the hormone most frequently associated with ovulation and menstruation in women. But could progesterone also have another important function as well? Scientists are now testing the hypothesis that the chemical could actually help treat traumatic brain injuries in both men and women. The study was launched after doctors discovered that progesterone may have […]

Nfl Wants Brain Injury Lawsuits To Be Heard In Philadelphia

As we have discussed in past posts, more than 100 former professional football players have brought personal injury lawsuits against the National Football League, alleging that the organization knew concussions could cause traumatic brain injuries, but failed to protect the players. The players all claim to suffer from concussion-related brain injuries resulting from the sport […]