Another Fatal Tour Bus Crash Occurs Amid Fed Crackdown

Last month, a tour bus accident on the Pennsylvania Turnpike claimed the lives of the bus driver and the Seton Hill University women’s lacrosse coach, who was pregnant with a child. The tragic accident was one of several that have occurred recently involving tour buses, including one that occurred today in Texas. The Texas crash […]

New Psa To Warn Teens About Dangers Of Distracted Driving

Cellphones have revolutionized our day to day lives, but they can also seriously impair a person’s ability to safely operate a motor vehicle and cause numerous traffic collisions and injuries in Philadelphia each year. Yesterday, the U.S. Department of Transportation unveiled a new public service announcement titled “OMG” that educates teens on the dangers of […]

Ntsb Curbside Tour Bus Industry Lacks Safety Regulation

As you may remember, we have written about several fatal tour bus accidents that have occurred over the past year in the northeast. One of them took place in August on the Pennsylvania Turnpike about 75 miles out of Philadelphia and left 14 people injured. It seemed that many of these bus accidents involved low-cost […]

Should Truckers Be Banned From Using Cell Phones

Traffic accidents claim the lives of too many innocent people each year in Pennsylvania and the rest of the United States. Oftentimes the fatal accidents involve large commercial vehicles or trucks with drivers who are speeding, too tired to be driving or distracted by a cell phone or other device. After it was determined that […]

Feds Call For Safety Review Of Philadelphia Duck Boat Operation

Early this month we reported that the tug boat operator involved in the fatal duck boat accident on the Delaware River in 2010 pleaded guilty to one count of criminal misconduct, and could face 10 years in prison. The accident caused the death of two people when the tug boat operator led a 250-foot barge […]

Tug Boat Driver Pleads Guilty In Philadelphia Duck Boat Accident

We have discussed the tragic duck boat accident that caused the death of two people on the Delaware River just over a year ago several times on this blog. First, we discussed how the National Transportation Safety Board revealed that the accident was caused by a tug boat operator who was distracted by his cell […]