Personal Injury Lawsuits Pending Against Philadelphia Bus Company

In the aftermath of car accidents in Pennsylvania, there are generally two ways that responsible parties may face consequences. They can be held civilly liable or criminally accountable or both. It is generally up to police and prosecutors to decide whether a driver or another party will face criminal charges after a motor vehicle accident, […]

Distractions A Common Cause Of Philadelphia Pedestrian Accidents

With increasing regularity, pedestrians are crossing roadways while focusing their senses on texting, talking on the phone, listening to music or being otherwise distracted by their personal technology, and the trend is having a noticeable impact on the pedestrian accidents being seen in Philadelphia and nationally. According to a recent study, more than 26 percent […]

Pennsylvania Police Struggle To Combat Texting While Driving

Despite a law in place that bans texting while operating a motor vehicle, many Pennsylvania police are struggling to enforce the law because they say texting among drivers is difficult to identify. At present, police employ imperfect methods designed to indicate likely texting while driving. As a result, many officers feel that the eight-month-old law, […]

Penndot Avoiding Distractions Means Avoiding Car Accidents

With many more young motorists on the roads over the summer months, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has issued a timely safety reminder that can assist in preventing motor vehicle accidents. The main message is this: Avoid distractions while behind the wheel and remain focused only on driving. PennDOT officials say that younger motorists, because […]

Dot Declares April To Be Distracted Driving Awareness Month

There’s no doubt that cellphones have changed the way we communicate. Cellphones allow us to constantly stay in contact with family members, friends and business associates. But cellphones can also pose a great threat when they are used at the wrong times, particularly when driving. In effort to raise awareness on the hazard distracted driving creates, the […]

Punitive Damages Denied In Distracted Driving Lawsuit

Sometimes after car accidents, the innocent driver is able to sue the driver-at-fault for damages. Usually, the damages that apply in Pennsylvania car accident cases are compensatory. Compensatory damages include medical bills, lost wages and other financial losses stemming from the accident. In extreme cases, punitive damages may also be available following car accidents. Punitive […]

Aaa Uses Pennsylvania Billboards To Spread The Word On New Texting Law

The streets of Philadelphia may be a bit safer now, thanks to a new law banning texting while driving. The new law, which went into effect March 8th, is the state’s first legislative effort to combat distracted driving. Cell phone use is behind a significant number of distracted driving car accidents in Pennsylvania. To make […]

Pennsylvania To Make Texting While Driving Illegal

In many ways, cellphones have made our lives easier. But cellphones can also impair a driver’s ability to safely operate a motor vehicle, which can easily lead to traffic collisions and injuries. In effort to reduce cellphone-related motor vehicle accidents in Pennsylvania, a ban on texting while driving will go into effect next month. When […]

Study Despite Bans Texting While Driving Soars

Government efforts to rid the roads of it have been a futile effort. Drivers, primarily young ones, in Philadelphia and the rest of the country continue the dangerous habit of texting while driving, according to a survey by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Roughly half of the drivers in the United States admit to composing […]

New Psa To Warn Teens About Dangers Of Distracted Driving

Cellphones have revolutionized our day to day lives, but they can also seriously impair a person’s ability to safely operate a motor vehicle and cause numerous traffic collisions and injuries in Philadelphia each year. Yesterday, the U.S. Department of Transportation unveiled a new public service announcement titled “OMG” that educates teens on the dangers of […]

Should Truckers Be Banned From Using Cell Phones

Traffic accidents claim the lives of too many innocent people each year in Pennsylvania and the rest of the United States. Oftentimes the fatal accidents involve large commercial vehicles or trucks with drivers who are speeding, too tired to be driving or distracted by a cell phone or other device. After it was determined that […]

Tug Boat Driver Pleads Guilty In Philadelphia Duck Boat Accident

We have discussed the tragic duck boat accident that caused the death of two people on the Delaware River just over a year ago several times on this blog. First, we discussed how the National Transportation Safety Board revealed that the accident was caused by a tug boat operator who was distracted by his cell […]