Another Fatal Tour Bus Crash Occurs Amid Fed Crackdown

Last month, a tour bus accident on the Pennsylvania Turnpike claimed the lives of the bus driver and the Seton Hill University women’s lacrosse coach, who was pregnant with a child. The tragic accident was one of several that have occurred recently involving tour buses, including one that occurred today in Texas. The Texas crash […]

Migrant And Temporary Workers Face More Workplace Hazards

Workers across all industries are often exposed to hazardous conditions in Pennsylvania and the rest of the United States. But the director of the University of Pennsylvania’s Transnational Law Center recently said in an interview that temporary and migrant workers are especially at risk of workplace accidents. The director also said these workers are less […]

Philadelphia Father Sues Club For Over Serving Deceased Son

Owners of bars and other establishments that serve liquor to intoxicated patrons have certain liabilities under Pennsylvania’s Dram Shop Acts. The state legislature has decided that serving intoxicated patrons more alcohol amounts to negligent conduct, which is why legal liability can be imposed if the over-serving results in someone being injured or killed. In a […]

First Wrongful Death Suit Filed In Wake Of Paulsboro Train Wreck

On Nov. 30, 2012, a train derailment in South Jersey made national headlines when 84 train cars derailed on a bridge and spilled toxic materials into the Mantua Creek below. Hundreds of businesses and residences in the Paulsboro, New Jersey, area had to be evacuated so that the mess could be cleaned up. Now, a […]

Pennsylvania Family Awarded 109m In Power Line Death 2 Of 2

Welcome back. We are currently discussing the high-profile wrongful death case that was filed against the power conglomerate FirstEnergy after an Irwin, Pennsylvania, wife and mother was killed by a downed power line in her back yard in 2009. As the wrongful death lawsuit progressed in court, it became clear to almost everyone — even […]

Pennsylvania Family Awarded 109m In Power Line Death 1 Of 2

Last year around this time, we wrote about the tragic case of an Irwin, Pennsylvania, wife and mother who was killed by a downed power line in her back yard. The accident occurred in June 2009 and resulted in one of the biggest wrongful death lawsuits in the state’s history. On that tragic summer day, […]

Workplace Fatalities Down In Pennsylvania In 2011

According to new data from the Department of Labor, fatal workplace accidents decreased by 16 percent in Pennsylvania in 2011 compared to the year before. Overall, there were 186 workers killed on the job in the state during the year 2011, which was down from 221 fatalities in 2010. This is the most recent data […]

Paramedics Blamed In Philadelphia Wrongful Death

The death of a pregnant woman while receiving emergency care has prompted the suspension of two Philadelphia paramedics after more than two months of investigations. That has some parties wondering whether the investigation revealed significant errors in procedure on the part of the paramedics. The incident occurred after paramedics responded to a 911 call. The […]

Wrongful Death Complaint Filed Against Pennsylvania Pharm Giant

Massive drug maker Pfizer is facing a wrongful death complaint filed by a couple who claims that one of the company’s anti-depressant drugs caused the death of their child. The mother was pregnant while taking Zoloft, a popular medication to battle depression with. The couple contends that their child died on the day of her […]

Holiday Drunk Driving Primary Focus For Pennsylvania Police

Additional grant money provided by the state is helping Pennsylvania police officers better combat drunken driving during the holiday season, which is known as one time of year when drunk driving rates are at their highest because of holiday parties and celebrations. Law enforcement is using a variety of methods to try to reduce the […]

Worker Killed In Philadelphia Water Tower Fall

A scaffolding collapse at a worksite just outside of Philadelphia led to two workers hanging from an empty water tower while awaiting rescue. Unfortunately, one of the workers plummeted to his death before he could be saved. The other hung by a safety harness for three hours before being brought down. The 100-foot-tall water tower […]